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Contrary to popular belief, the funds allocated to the equipment and gear issued to our enlisted military personnel frequently falls short of what is required for them to effectively accomplish their mission. In fact, they are too often left to fend for themselves, paying for essential items on their own. At THE S.O.F WAY, we utilize a portion of the proceeds from our apparel sales to purchase an equipment item to give away to an enlisted military member at no cost to them, while simultaneously providing the same item, also free, to a civilian enthusiast; continuing to build the tribe THE S.O.F WAY.


Encourage people to live life to its fullest potential by empowering them to discover and cultivate their drive and spirt.

At THE S.O.F WAY, we believe that we are all of us, far more noble than we think ourselves to be. Drawing upon years of Special Operations and combat experience, we have witnessed the amazing potential of the human spirit. We know and have seen that the attributes that are common to the elite Operators of this nation’s military are not uniquely reserved for the select few. These enabling characteristics are cultivated through a constant open-minded search of knowledge, progression and reinforcement from ground truth information. These attributes and characteristics are present in all of us and are simply awaiting to be discovered and developed. 



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